Long-distance endurance rallying pioneer ERA has promised a seamless transition and preservation of founder’s legacy as HERO prepares to take over rallies

The Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO) and the Endurance Rally Association (ERA) have agreed that HERO will take over all events previously organised by ERA.

ERA confirmed on its website that successful discussions for this arrangement have been concluded and that contracts have been exchanged. Formal completion of the deal is to follow ‘in the very near future’.

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HERO to take over Endurance Rally Association events

The addition of ERA’s events to the HERO platform will encompass over 25 rallies globally, ‎with around 12 organised each year across multiple continents. This will constitute a year-round calendar of events of varying difficulty, length and car period.

ERA was founded by the late Philip Young in 1988, and it has since organised over 60 major events in more than 50 countries around the world, such as the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. ERA is credited with being a pioneer in long-distance endurance rallying.

HERO to take over Endurance Rally Association events

Meanwhile, HERO is a multi-service historic motoring platform, and is responsible for a number of well known UK and European rallies such as the Classic Marathon. It has organised in excess of 150 events since 1993.

Both parties have said they are committed to a seamless transition of the new arrangement, and that already-scheduled ERA events will continue as planned. They have highlighted HERO’s previous successful integration of the Classic Rally Association in 2013, which also was founded by Young.

HERO to take over Endurance Rally Association events

ERA has stated that under the arrangement it will focus on long-distance rallies, with HERO focusing on short and medium-distance events. Continuity with ERA’s current portfolio has been promised, along with guarantees that Young’s legacy will be preserved.

HERO chairman Tomas de Vargas Machuca said: ‘At HERO, our approach can best be described as “for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts”, and there have been no greater enthusiasts than Philip Young and his colleagues at ERA.

HERO to take over Endurance Rally Association events

‘Philip was, and still is, a revered figure, and we are proud to be taking on ERA’s portfolio of events. This represents a significant expansion of our activities, especially longer-distance endurance events. We will nurture and build on these for many years to come for the benefit of the historic motoring community as a whole.’

Jane Young, director of ERA, added: ‘HERO enthusiastically shares our passion and values, and runs great events recognised for their quality. They are our choice to bear Philip’s mantle, to build on his efforts and to aspire to his dreams. We are passing the baton to an organisation that will deliver events to the very highest standards, preserving ERA’s spirit and building on its success.’