Milan Automotive GmbH has unveiled details about its new 1325bhp hypercar – only 99 will be made, with a price tag of nearly €2 million. Here’s more…

There’s an all-new hypercar going on sale: Milan Automotive GmbH have unveiled their new Milan Red and it sounds rather impressive.

Limited to a strict production run of only 99 vehicles, the new Milan Red churns out 1325bhp mated to a kerb weight of only 1300kg. That’s said to be good for a 0-100km/h sprint in just 2.47 seconds. Top speed is apparently beyond 400km/h (248mph).

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All that power is a result of a 6.2-litre quad turbo V8, paired with a rear-wheel drivetrain. There are no electrical gizmos affecting output either, technical know-how delivered by AVL, supplier of systems to Formula 1.

Meet the new Milan Red hypercar!

Carbon Wishbones

One of the car’s highlights is a world first – the wishbones of the Milan Red will be manufactured wholly from carbon. This innovation is produced by Peak Technology from upper Austria.

Further innovation resides within the interior design, including visualisation of the driver’s heartbeat. With that insane drivetrain grunt, we can bet the heart rate will offer similar numbers to the yet undisclosed price tag – although rough estimates from the company point towards the €2 million mark.

Named after the famous bird of prey, the Milan Red was designed by a team of specialists aiming to combine the skills of speed record, design object and an ultra-intense driving experience.

Meet the new Milan Red hypercar!

An all-Austrian hypercar

‘A car against the tide’ is what Austrian-born Markus Fux, CEO of Milan Automotive GmbH, was aiming for. He was also keen to showcase the intricate skill and know-how of Austrian companies with his new hypercar.

‘Nowadays you can drive an artistic car, a high-tech-monster, a throne on four wheels - or a car, that only serves one purpose: stealing everyone the show. And this is where we come into play,’ explained Markus.

Clearly, no compromise has been made in the Milan Red’s design. Offering a bloodline of Austria’s leading engineering firms, the list of contributors makes impressive reading.

Meet the new Milan Red hypercar!

Alongside Styria-based AVL, a close development partner of Formula One racing, a fellow supplier to MilanRed was Pankl Racing Systems; contributing with exclusive SLM wheel carriers.

According to Milan Automotive GmbH, 18 customers have already signed up to add the exclusive hypercar to their collections.

Who are Milan Automotive GmbH?

Meet the new Milan Red hypercar!

Milan Automotive GmbH is an Austrian based car manufacturer - the first main producer of hypercars 'made in austria'.

Markus Fux, CEO, is a former race driver and holds a profound understanding of speed. Siegfried Wolf, one of Europe's leading managers is acting as advisor to the board.