We have known it as the BP23, but the fastest-ever car from the British supercar maker now has an official name… Speedtail

Up until now, McLaren’s Bespoke Project 2, 3 Seater (BP23) has been a closely guarded secret. Representatives of the brand simply keep their lips sealed and just smile when you ask about what’s to become the fastest McLaren road car in history. That was until now, as we can officially reveal that the name of this much-anticipated supercar will be Speedtail.

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McLaren BP23 to be called Speedtail

The latest addition to McLaren’s Ultimate Series of cars will be revealed to the public before the end of 2018, with an imminent private viewing for those who have already paid a deposit. All 106 examples of the Speedtail are already spoken for, at a cost of £1.6 million plus local taxes. That specific allocation of cars harks back to the 106 McLaren F1s that were produced.

Just like the F1, the Speedtail will feature a central driving position that’s flanked by two passengers. Placing the pilot at the centre of the cockpit allows for better visibility and spatial judgment when driving at speed.

McLaren BP23 to be called Speedtail
McLaren BP23 to be called Speedtail

With a top speed in excess of 243mph, the Speedtail will become the fastest road-legal McLaren – a title currently held by the F1. An exact figure has yet to be announced, but we’d expect this hybrid hyper car to make a meaningful step forward thanks to its highly streamlined design.

Exacting specifications are still a mystery, but it would be a safe bet for the hybrid powertrain to incorporate the new 4.0-litre V8 engine found in the 720S and .

McLaren describes this car as a ‘hyper GT’, suggesting that comfort might be the focus of the Speedtail’s interior. It says the car will ‘feature exquisite new materials encouraging boundless tailoring’ via the brand’s bespoke customisation department, McLaren Special Operations.

It is notable that this is only the second car from McLaren Automotive to be given a non-numeric name. The Senna was the first, but the rest of the range features the individual car’s power output in PS. Could this be the beginning of a new naming convention?

More details of the McLaren Speedtail will surface before the end of this year.