Big news for 007 fans! Lego has inadvertently de-classified the news on a new Bond DB5. Someone is currently being fed to the pirañas, we think...

A classified leak of epic proportions has been reported in Hungary. The Lego store in Budapest has accidentally confirmed that a James Bond Aston Martin DB5 kit is on the way.

Although no pictures have been released, the Hungarian double-agents have jumped the gun by confirming a price and release date – and the kit could be with us sooner than you might think.

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The website said pre-orders were being taken for 49,999 Hungarian Forint – that’s $178 or £134.99 – with pick-up dates confirmed. The very first 007 Lego DB5 kits are set to land for August 1. Conventional sales and on-line purchases will commence as of August 8.

Lego Bond Aston Martin DB5 is on the way!

There’s speculation that the attractive scale model could be accompanied by a miniature Bond figurine – although whether that will be Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig remains unknown.

What is likely, however, is the inclusion of various gadgets. Revolving licence plates, front-mounted machine guns, a rear-mounted bullet-proof shield, tyre slashers and an ejector seat are all possibilities.

Lego Bond Aston Martin DB5 is on the way!

The Lego engineers (perhaps the best job in the world) may even have found a way to incorporate an oil slick. Even if they haven’t, we’re sure someone will soon figure out a technique.


The Aston will form the next instalment in Lego’s Creator Expert line. The collection already features highly detailed scale models of the Ferrari F40, Volkswagen Beetle and VW Transporter. Rumour has it that Land Rover’s Defender is also in the works. As you can see, Bond’s DB5 fits the line-up of iconic vehicles rather well.

The model’s release date for North America remains shrouded in Blofeld-esque layers of security, but Lego VIP members may be given the opportunity to order the model as early as August 15.

Lego Bond Aston Martin DB5 is on the way!

Most parents may balk at the price of just under £135, but this isn’t even one percent of the real thing. Bonhams is soon to send the very vehicle employed by Pierce Brosnan to auction, with an estimated final price of £1.6 million.

Strangely, though, it doesn’t even have the gadgets that your next potential Lego purchase may have…