Car SOS presenter and TV celebrity Fuzz Townshend is set to demonstrate the ability of a 1920s Fafnir Special at Bicester Heritage during The Classic & Sports Car Show in association with Flywheel, this weekend!

British drummer and Car SOS TV star, Fuzz Townshend, will take to the demonstration track alongside more than 100 other classic cars during The Classic & Sports Car Show in association with Flywheel, June 23-24.

Townshend, who has recently partnered with Bicester Heritage-based business Classic Oils, will be driving the Fafnir Hall-Scott Special, styled upon the Fafnir team cars of the early 1920s. Don’t dismiss the period looks and assume the power is glacial, however; there’s a floor-shaking 10,000cc WW1 aero engine in place of the 2-litre supercharged unit employed within the original cars.

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Talking about his upcoming appearance at the Show, Fuzz explained: ‘I love driving pre-war cars and I’m really looking forward to getting behind the enormous wheel of the Fafnir at the Show.’

The upcoming event will be Fuzz’s first appearance at The Classic & Sports Car Show in association with Flywheel, as well as his first drive of an Edwardian aero-engined racer, but that doesn’t faze him!
‘There’s lots to concentrate on with these old cars, so I don’t expect I’ll be waving to the crowd much! I love Bicester Heritage and everything it’s doing to bring the next generation into the myriad businesses that support car restoration. Having an exciting, all-action show like this at the home of our Classic Oils business adds a unique dimension to this already special place.’

To accompany the tyre-burning displays, visitors will get the opportunity to walk around Bicester Heritage’s technical site, the variety of specialist classic automotive businesses opening their doors for the show.

This includes Fuzz’s Classic Oils, which is situated in the original Lubricant Store at Bicester Heritage and offers a complete range of oils, lubricants, fuel treatments, coolants and accessories for veteran, vintage and classic vehicles. 

Fuzz Townshend to pilot aero-engined Fafnir Special at Flywheel

What is Flywheel?

The Classic & Sports Car Show in association with Flywheel takes place at Bicester Heritage on 23-24 June and combines world-class classic competition and road cars and bikes, some over 100 years old, plus a dazzling array of vintage aircraft, an impressive collection of military machines and incredible live demonstrations both on the ground and in the air. There’s also a Vintage Village featuring period fairground rides, live music performances, shopping and food stalls.  

Advance tickets are available, of which you can buy here!