The 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood used by celebrity Travolta for filming 2018’s upcoming motion picture Gotti is up for grabs! Get a closer look with AutoClassics

The 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood employed by John Travolta as the lead character in upcoming biopic Gotti has come up for sale in the AutoClassics classifieds. With Gotti scheduled for release this month, here’s your opportunity to acquire a slice of automotive film history ahead of the impending interest curve.

Executive American cars often appear brash and ungainly, yet underneath this one rests all the attributes associated with the most sensitive of therapists. The wallowy suspension smoothes out bumps and Tarmac undulations, while sheer engine grunt keeps everything effortless. This is all while the unadulterated rouched upholstery envelopes passengers with a leathery hug, leaving the day’s issues to melt into the ether.

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John Gotti, America’s original ‘Telflon Don’, was the powerful and feared patriarch of the Gambino crime family. Although throat cancer finally saw him off in 2002 while incarcerated, he’d created a full-scale media riot back in 1990 when FBI agents successfully put him behind bars.

Ever since this shocking conviction, directors and producers have been scrambling to showcase their own take on the courtroom drama, with the latest release – simply entitled Gotti – directed by Kevin Connolly and featuring John Travolta as the infamous crime lord.


Naturally, Gotti’s real-life 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood – which no doubt harboured various juicy secrets – has long since disappeared, but seeing as blood is so difficult to get out of shag-pile carpet, the next best thing is an identical movie clone.

Although the motion picture has yet to enjoy a widespread release, and therefore we cannot confirm the exact importance or role of this particular Fleetwood, we’ll let these pictures speak for themselves.

You can buy John Travolta’s Cadillac Fleetwood!

Regardless of the ideal that Mr Travolta has graced the car with his association, the 1981 model makes for a sound investment on its own merits. With only 63,000 miles on the clock and finished in black, complemented by a black leather interior, the Cadillac also comes with the New York license plate used in the film. You never know, there may even still be a body in the trunk…

As you would expect from a luxury American barge of the time, it’s loaded with extras including cruise control, power seats, power steering, climate control and electric windows to list but a few options. There is even the factory-installed AM/FM radio still present!

Having wanted for nothing, expect perhaps the undoing of Salvatore ‘Sammy the Bull’ Gravano, the exterior and interior are in rude health with mechanicals apparently driving ‘as new’.

You can buy John Travolta’s Cadillac Fleetwood!
You can buy John Travolta’s Cadillac Fleetwood!

Enjoyed these vehicles back in the day? Here’s your chance to relive former glories. A movie buff craving something new for the collection? Don’t let this opportunity escape you…

Get a closer look with the AutoClassics classified advert here.

Gallery: You can buy John Travolta’s Cadillac Fleetwood!