A one-off 348bhp Jeff Uren Ford Capri joins a low-mileage AC 3000ME and 1935 Riley Amilcar Special at the Bicester Heritage auction on June 24

More than 100 classic vehicles are set to cross Brightwells’ auction block during the upcoming Flywheel event, taking place at Bicester Heritage on June 23-24, with a plethora of interesting metal expected to find new homes.

In a sneak preview of what’s on offer, we pick our three favourites from an exhaustive selection, and trust us, these trio are worth bidding on!

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1974 Ford Capri Uren Stampede

Unique Capri V8 leads Brightwells’ upcoming Flywheel sale

Not only is this one of a mere eight ‘Stampedes’ ever created, it’s the sole Capri Mk2 example, making this a complete one-off. And as you'll see, it has unique original paintwork to match!

Developed by racer, designer and architect Jeff Uren and his Race Proved company, this beast lurks around with a 5-litre powerplant under the bonnet. Not enough for you? The G-Code Boss engine has recently undergone restoration and surgery, churning out 384bhp. Still unsure? The seriously fast Ford has little over 22,000 miles on the clock!

Accompanied by a comprehensive history file, this 1974 Ford Capri Uren Stampede should prove something of a curiosity to those following market trends. Bog-standard, low-mileage Ford Capris easily breach £20,000, with RS3100s, Peranas and Broadspeed Bullets garnishing upwards of over £50,000.

This tailor-made and important survivor appears something of a bargain when looking at the suggested price of £39,000-£44,000. We can bet the final hammer price will be somewhat more expensive…

1986 AC 3000ME

Unique Capri V8 leads Brightwells’ upcoming Flywheel sale

Ever heard the argument around how original, low-mileage AC 3000MEs don’t exist anymore? Here’s an ice breaker for you, then. This 1986 example has covered a lowly 4400 miles! One of the oldest independent car makers in British history, this example of AC’s exclusive engineering talents boasts only two registered keepers and presents rude health throughout.

Although first unleashed upon public judgement in 1973, the production model didn’t arrive until 1979, but it was worth the wait. Based on a design developed by Lola engineers Peter Bohanna and Robin Stables, handling and performance proved inimitable. However, despite steady sales, the infamous mid-1980s recession saw off the marque and caused no end of ill-health for the brand’s owner. By 1984, production had halted, sales had dried up and the AC brand died.

First registered in May 1986, this Cherry Red AC is chassis number 210, marking the vehicle as the third last specimen ever created. Marked as arguably the most original and low-mileage example you could ever hope to find, the guide price of £20,000 - £25,000 could make this AC 3000ME a steal.

1935 Riley Amilcar Special

Unique Capri V8 leads Brightwells’ upcoming Flywheel sale

Originally registered in Armagh during 1935 as a Riley saloon, this remarkable Amilcar was crafted into a Riley special some 28 years ago by Richard Scaldwell. Incorporating certain Amilcar parts, such as the radiator grille, rear springs and Marchal headlights, with a well-proportioned body reminiscent of a Bugatti Type 35 – certainly from the rear – the drivetrain charges along with an original 1896cc Riley engine.

Purely up for sale due to the current vendor’s lack of space and use, even though the owner admits ‘driving it bravely was a little beyond me…’, the guide price lists an expected £60,000 - £80,000 final hammer price.

You can find out more information on these vehicles through the Brightwells Auction website.