LEGO is at it again! A complete 1:1 McLaren 720S is to be show in the Petersen Museum, following on from its new Technic Bugatti Chiron

McLaren and LEGO have teamed up to create a full-size McLaren 720S constructed from over 280,000 bricks.

The 1:1 scale model will go on display at the world renowned Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, showcased as part of an interactive exhibit until August 19. Recent museum visitors even helped finish the vehicle, putting the the final orange blocks in place as late as June 2.

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With over a quarter of a million bricks built around a steel frame, the LEGO 720S tips the scales at 1450kg, some 120kg more than the dry weight of its 212mph road car counterpart.

Detailed vehicle CAD data was used to construct the template and a six-strong team constructed the model by hand over 2000 man hours – compared to the 100 hours it takes McLaren to build a regular 720S.

LEGO to exhibit full-size McLaren 720s – 280,000 bricks

For fans seeking a less complex way to build their own LEGO McLaren 720S, a 14-centimetre and 161-piece Speed Champions model is on sale for £12.99. You can buy this kit online.

As part of the full-size car’s interactive exhibition, visitors will be able to add racing stripes, flames, checkered flags, license plates, backgrounds, and also add their name with an option to print a custom sticker of the Speed Champions model they have designed.

Alternatively, LEGO and Bugatti unveiled a 1:8 scale Technic Chiron. The £329.99 model is over half a metre in length and features both the W16 engine with moving pistons and an eight-speed paddle-shift gearbox.