Brabham Automotive has revealed how its new emblem is inspired by the two most fruitful eras of the Brabham Formula 1 team

Brabham Automotive has revealed the Formula 1-inspired significance of its new badge, as worn by the recently unveiled £1million BT62 track-day only supercar.

Despite two years of work behind closed doors, just 70 days after the company was publicly announced Brabham Automotive revealed its 700bhp BT62. Built to celebrate the Brabham name’s 70th anniversary, only 70 cars will be built.

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The new emblem is derived from the ‘V’ badge that featured on the 1960s championship winning Brabham grand prix cars – in which Jack Brabham became the first and only driver to win the F1 title in a car bearing his own name.

That is combined with the fangs from the ‘Hissing Sid’ snake that donned the Brabham cars during its time under the ownership of former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone. During his tenure the team went on to win both the 1981 and ’83 title with triple champion Nelson Piquet.

According to Brabham Automotive, the new emblem ‘embodies the Brabham attitude: fearless, intelligent, confident and forward-thinking’.


The BT62, of which the first 35 cars will have liveries representing each of Brabham’s grand prix victories, was launched earlier this month at Australia House in London.

Le Mans winner, son of Jack Brabham and marque CEO David Brabham said: ‘This is such an incredible day for the whole family. And by family I don’t just mean the descendants of Sir Jack. The Brabham family encompasses all of the amazing, talented and determined individuals who have contributed to the Brabham legacy over the last seventy years.’

Famous motorsport personalties who attended the launch included John Judd, who built engines for Brabham in the 1960s, former Brabham team manager Herbie Blash plus drivers Derek Bell, John Watson, Derek Warwick, Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell – all of who raced for Brabham.