Hagerty's celebration of the mediocre is open for both concours submissions and general admission. The best part? It's free to enter and visit!

Owners of classic cars high in rarity but with a dearth of prestige are gearing up for their marquee concours event, as Hagerty’s ‘Festival of the Unexceptional’ has opened entries to its July 14 show.

Concours d’Ordinaire is entering its fifth year of hosting a smorgasbord of humdrum classics, offering up bland delights from between 1966 and 1989 such as the Morris Marina, Austin Allegro, Vauxhall Chevette and many more.

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Stowe House in Buckingham will act as the backdrop to a selection of cars which were once on every British street corners in a bygone era, but have now been whittled down to precious few stellar examples.

Unlike a typical concours, Festival of the Unexceptional takes a deliberately informal approach to proceedings. 45 ‘official’ entries will be picked by organisers in advance, but those attending as visitors also have a chance to participate, as a selection of vehicles in the event’s car park will be offered the chance to participate in the main concours event.

Festival of the Unexceptional to celebrate mundane classics

Attendees are also encouraged to get into the spirit of their car’s era, with throwback picnics highly encouraged as part of the laid back atmosphere.

New displays have been added to the event’s itinerary to mark its fifth year in business, with past concours winners, and ‘people’s choice’ cars from previous years on show. Four past champions are returning, including a Nissan Cherry Europe, Morris Marina pick-up, Hillman Avenger Super Estate and Datsun Sunny 1.5 SGL.

Several entries are already in place for this year’s concours, with a Volkswagen 412 and three-door Golf Mark I, a Volvo 66 DL, Citroen GS X1 and Fiat Strada already confirmed to participate.

Festival of the Unexceptional to celebrate mundane classics

Think your classic is rare yet unremarkable enough to be one of the chosen 45, or just want to soak in and enjoy such ordinary cars against a grandiose backdrop? Applications for both concours places and admission tickets are open, both of which are completely free.

There are already less than 300 places remaining, so make sure to visit the Festival of the Unexceptional website to bag your admission tickets. Applications for concours places will close on May 28.