Boutique brand celebrates legendary GP circuit with most performance-focused Speedback grand tourer so far

David Brown Automotive, builder of the 1960s-inspired Speedback, has released a new £620,000 Silverstone Edition boasting more than 600bhp. Only ten will be made.

Looking not unlike an Aston Martin DB5, and borrowing the floorplan from a Jaguar XK, the Speedback was originally unveiled back in 2014.

David Brown Automotive reveals 601bhp Silverstone Edition

Last year, the £495,000 GT car was joined by a £75,000 Mini Remastered, and now the new Speedback Silverstone Edition has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. It features a 5.0-litre twin-scroll supercharged V8 that produces 601bhp and 565lb ft of torque.

Using a six-speed ZF automatic transmission, the Silverstone Edition is capable of 0-60mph in a mere 4.2 seconds and will run on to an electronically limited 155mph. Further revisions include an upgraded suspension set-up, tweaked exterior styling and a new infotainment system.

David Brown Automotive reveals 601bhp Silverstone Edition

The very limited-edition model celebrates a year since David Brown Automotive moved to its new base alongside the famous British circuit.

The evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, upgrades have seen the price rocket to £620,000. But for that you do get a circuit map of the British Grand Prix venue embossed in the headrests…

David Brown Automotive reveals 601bhp Silverstone Edition

Company founder and CEO David Brown said: ‘Ever since David Brown Automotive relocated to Silverstone, we have wanted to mark the significance of the circuit’s aeronautical and motorsport heritage.

‘Speedback Silverstone Edition addresses our ambition on every level, as a visually stunning grand tourer and the most performance-focused model we have ever made.’

David Brown Automotive reveals 601bhp Silverstone Edition

He continued: ‘We have developed Speedback Silverstone Edition to appeal to a new customer; the driver who wants the very best in performance at all times, but still wants to retain usability and driveability in an exclusive model which still offers both comfort and luxury.

‘The David Brown Automotive DNA is clear to see again, building on the success of Speedback GT and Mini Remastered models, while our inspiration from the heritage of the Silverstone circuit shapes this new model as a classically inspired performance grand tourer for the modern market.’