A collection of 35 bespoke 2018 Rolls-Royce Ghosts are set to be created in homage to the 1907 ‘Silver Ghost’

Paying direct homage to the vehicle that changed the course of automotive history, Rolls-Royce has announced the unveiling of 35 heritage-inspired 2018 Rolls-Royce Ghosts, in tribute to the original 1907 Silver Ghost.

United by a desire to produce the ‘greatest car in the world’, the Hon. Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce designed and manufactured an automobile fast-recognised by the world’s media as the most reliable and luxurious car on the market.

To prove its worth, the Silver Ghost achieved a non-stop endurance run of 14,371 miles – completing 17 return trips from London to Glasgow. Set with the challenge of creating a world-renowned benchmark for the now-celebrated marque, the first Rolls-Royce also set down the path for the aspirations of every automobile manufacturer forthwith.

But it is not this vehicle that Rolls-Royce are celebrating, rather the 12th 40/50bhp chassis – commissioned by Claude Johnson, then managing director of Rolls-Royce Limited at the time. Appreciated for its ability to demonstrate the sheer mechanical prowess on offer, with an ethereally quiet cruising speed and silver paint with silver fittings, it is this vehicle that entered high-profile competitive trials, bestowing the name ‘Silver Ghost’ upon following examples.


It is in celebration of this extraordinary engineering feat that a special collection of 2018 model-year bespoke styled Ghosts will be crafted at Goodwood, West Sussex – the contemporary home of Rolls-Royce.

Only 35 celebratory models will be built, with patrons offered a modern incarnation of the widely accepted ‘greatest car in the world’, dubbed the ‘Silver Ghost Collection’. These could well be future classics destined for the likes of international concours events.

Rolls-Royce pay homage with new ‘Silver Ghost’ collection

Speaking from the Home of Rolls-Royce, chief executive officer Torsten Müller-Ötvös said: ‘The extraordinary accomplishments of our marque’s founding fathers are honoured by the creation of this elegant ‘Silver Ghost Collection'.

'The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective masterfully weave the rich narrative of the original ‘Silver Ghost’ into just 35 motor cars, creating a contemporary homage to the original motor car. Today, our craftspeople and master artisans continue this legacy of excellence, creating unique motor cars that define luxury.’

Designers have exercised careful scrutiny when defining features for this collection, extolling the golden age of motoring with hand-crafted detailing and bravura that ensured the brand's success at the beginning of the 20th century.

Besides the trademark solid sterling-silver Spirit of Ecstasy, a specially created Hallmark of AX201, the registration plate of the original ‘Silver Ghost’, will be marked on the base of each muse by the British Assay office.

Rolls-Royce pay homage with new ‘Silver Ghost’ collection
Rolls-Royce pay homage with new ‘Silver Ghost’ collection
Rolls-Royce pay homage with new ‘Silver Ghost’ collection

Other special features include:

  • A second unique ‘RR’ Hallmark, the eponymous badge of the marque, to act as the Sponsor’s Mark and authenticate its heritage.
  • A black-gold-plated collar enshrouds the base of the Spirit of Ecstasy
  • An insert crafted from hammered copper, in tribute to the copper extensively used in the engine bay of the original ‘Silver Ghost’. The copper, shaped, beaten and textured is engraved with the newly designed AX201 Hallmark.
  • A bespoke Cassiopela Silver paint scheme and hand-painted coachline
  • Black painted grille veins that mimic the distinctive original grille
  • Fully polished wheel centers engraved with ‘Silver Ghost – Since 1907’
  • Specially re-created ‘Forest Green’ leather
  • To further authenticate each model, treadplates are engraved with ‘Silver Ghost Collection – one of Thirty-Five’,while umbrellas stowed within the doors are edged with a silver-coloured binding and utilities an open-pore Tudor Oak handle.

Not quite enough for you? There is also a unique centre console and a set of sunglasses alongside a unique ‘Silver Ghost’ pen and collectable hamper – continuing the romantic pre-war notion of al fresco dining.

Additional sound dampening has been added to the rear wings, doors and luggage area, working with a new acoustic film fitted between the glass layers in the side and rear windows. Entertainment is catered for, too – with Blu-ray and a satellite digital audio service for the North American market.

Rolls-Royce pay homage with new ‘Silver Ghost’ collection