The new TVR Griffith will be on display for the London Motor Show's 'Best of British' display during May 17-20

The latest creation from TVR is set to grace the 2018 London Motor Show. You can get up close and personal with the new Griffith on May 17-20, but you'll need to join the queue as TVR fans will be travelling from far and wide to clap eyes on TVR's new boy.

The first car to be launched by the legendary marque since its rise from the grave in 2013, the Griffith created a stir upon public unveiling during September 2017 at the Goodwood Revival (above), followed by an appearance at The Classic Motor Show.

However, love the new shape or loath it, you can get a close up look at the offering from TVR during the 2018 London Motor Show. We can guarantee it will prove to be a highlight on the already prestigious ExCel showcase.

Taking the prime spot during the show’s all-new ‘Built in Britain’ feature, displaying a host of desirable cars manufactured, designed and tested on UK shores, TVR will join several other car manufacturers and brands that are to be announced closer to the open date.

New TVR Griffith set for 2018 London Motor Show

Proud of its British heritage, the ‘Griffith’ name is already definitive for the Blackpool-rooted company. The name first appeared back in 1963, with a second incarnation in 1990, the third model now waiting to be unleashed upon the buying public. With trademark TVR swoops, side-exhausts and wheelarches, the sculptured lines and haunches should turn the opinion of any current sceptic.

Although it can’t be demonstrated in such a tight format, the new Griffith hits the high note when it boils down to power. There’s 5.0-litres worth of V8 under the bonnet, making for a top speed of 200mph and a 0-60mph dash in little under 4.0 seconds. For a radical change in a modern world, we’ve now got a charismatic brute that can smoke as fast as it appears.

Alec Mumford, chairman of the London Motor Show, added: ‘When we first laid plans for our "Built in Britain" area, we did so with the ambition of bringing some national pride and heritage to the motor show. And TVR is just about as British as it gets!

'The new Griffith is a seriously impressive machine that perfectly captures the iconic spirit of TVR, and we are very excited to have it on display surrounded by its compatriots.’

Tickets for the event can be purchased through the official London Motor Show website.

New TVR Griffith set for 2018 London Motor Show