Rolls-Royce has revealed the appointment of Dr. Mihiar Ayoubi as director of engineering

Effective as of March 1, 2018, Dr. Mihiar Ayoubi will be taking the reins as Rolls-Royce's new director of engineering, taking over from the likes of Colin Smith, Dr. Phillip Koehn and Chris Barkley.

Joining from the BMW Group, Ayoubi can boast two decades’ worth of experience in a broad range of engineering positions. Currently Head of Concepts, Architectures and Integration for the Bavarian Motor Works in München, Germany, Ayoubihas previously guided departments in acoustics and vibration alongside dynamics development, chassis control systems, drivetrain development and all-wheel drive and driver assistance systems. In layman’s terms, Dr. Ayoubi has been the driving force behind nearly all of BMW’s innovative mechanical design and testing.

Ayoubi is already familiar with Rolls-Royce through involvement with the engineering concept for the current Phantom amongst other projects. He joined the BMW group in 1997, having moved to Germany 12 years earlier from Syria to study engineering. Holding a degree and Doctorate in Control Systems Engineering and Applied Artificial Intelligence from the technical University of Darmstadt, Ayoubi replaces Dr. Philip Koehn, whom has departed the employ of Rolls-Royce to pursue other interests.

‘I am delighted to welcome Dr. Mihiar Ayoubi as our new Director of Engineering,’ Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars explained, ‘Mihiar is an exceptionally talented engineer and follows in the esteemed footsteps of the company’s founding father and first engineer, Sir Henry Royce.’


The Goodwood-based firm underwent significant restructure back in November 2015, completely removing a layer of senior management to simplify the organisation and provide profitable growth in the long-term.

Having endured a rocky financial past with build quality problems throughout an era where bodyshells were shared with British Leyland, the company’s fortunes have changed for the better under the wing of BMW, amid engine discussions after the brand was sold to Volkswagen in 1998 by then-owner Vickers PLC.

The structure initiated in 2015 clarified executive accountabilities and intensified leadership focus on operational performance. Gross cost savings of £150-200m per annum have resulted in a turnaround transformation. Volkswagen-owned Bentley may sell two cars per Rolls-Royce sold, but the tables may soon turn.

Building upon Rolls-Royce’s impeccable reputation for world-class engineering, the British automotive brand’s prowess will remain in knowledgeable hands, due in part to the experience and gravitas of Dr. Mihiar Ayoubi.

New Rolls-Royce Director of Engineering announced