New range of race-spec classic Revolution wheels will be launched at the Autosport International show

Revolution Wheels will present its new range of race wheels for the first time at Autosport International this week, debuting the designs at the NEC, Birmingham from January 11 to 14.

The company has long been associated with its series of historic-spec rally wheels, most notably its four-spoke wheels and eight-spoke spider design that are commonly used in classic motorsport.

Iconic Revolution wheel now available for racers

For the first time since launching in 1967, Revolution Wheels will be launching a range of race-design wheels. The new models have been tested extensively and, according to Revolution wheels, set new standards in construction and performance.

This has aided by the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technology to better understand how the wheels fatigue in extreme conditions.

Iconic Revolution wheel now available for racers

Modern flow-form casting techniques – using virgin alloy – has resulted in wheels able to pass the stringent 690kg impact and cornering fatigue test.

The company are also able to customise each wheel to suit specific vehicle requirements by machining the wheel to any offset within its range.

Managing director of Revolution wheels, Warren McKiernan says: ‘We found a niche some years ago dealing with the more discerning type of rally competitor, who would rather purchase a wheel that was custom-made and deal with distributors of ours who were knowledgeable about the product and passionate about the sport – and that really built the brand. With our new range of race wheels, we will be able to cater for a wider audience but on the same basis.

‘With customers such as Jimmie McRae and Stig Blomqvist over the years, demanding a wheel that they can totally rely on, it isn’t really surprising that we should have quietly had a path beaten to our door by customers seeking that little extra.’