The Paris-Dakar Rally is the ultimate test of man and machine. These are the top 5 most memorable cars to conquer the dunes

There’s a longstanding argument as to which form of motorsport is the most gruelling. Is it Formula 1 with its relentless G-forces, the World Rally Championship due to its need for brain-frazzling pace notes, or is it the Word Endurance Championship for the required stamina? We think the answer might be none of the above, given the famed Dakar Rally requires talents from all three disciplines.

Dakar competitors traverse some of the world’s most unforgiving terrain and contend with extreme weather, all while battling with a field of seriously skilled competitors. A good proportion of entrants won’t see the finish line, with the challenge proving too much for the car or its crew. It takes a very special machine to compete in the Dakar – here's five of the best to ever traverse the rally's Saharan route.