Saab 99 turbo 1978 LHD good driving condition for sale

2018 May 25
£ 8,999


is my 1978 Saab 99 turbo, that was delivered new by SAAB-Germany and is an alltime German car, still residing in Germany. This 99 turbo was restored in the mid 1990`s and part of the restauration was also a colour-change from Cardinal-red-metallic to period correct black. The colourchange was done with much effort, so you cannot tell it was originally Cardinal-red-metallic without removing any panels or by some very few spots in the engine-bay. Due to its restoration my 99 turbo is rustwise also in good condition, with only 2 small bubbling-spots (1 at the trunk-lid / 1 at sunroof-lid). Transmission is the stronger 4speed-transmission, which is a pleasure to shift: haven`t driven a Saab-5-speed-transmission that shifted as smooth. Engine/Turbo also in good condition: running, reliable and low fuel- consumption (10-12 Liters per 100km/60mls). Mileage is only about 205.000km / 128.000mls . Seats/upholstery in very good condition and the driver-side seat-heating works! This is a very rare car: this year Germany had the honor to host the International SAAB-meeting ( and I only saw 2 (TWO) 99 turbo`s there on Friday in person...and 1 of the 2 was my car. My 99 turbo is fully drivable/road-worthy and I would offer to drive the Saab to his new owner, when fuel/return-ticket for train or airplane are payed in advance. My Saab is located about 100km/60mls north-east of Cologne in Germany. Personal inspections are very welcome and 3 airports are within short reach: Cologne (CGN), Düsseldorf (DUS) and Dortmund (DTM)...maybe even 4 with Frankfurt (FRA). Price is only 9.999 EUR (approx. 8.999 GBP) Winter is coming - buy a classic-car that you can enjoy all year around, because it was engineered all-seasons-proof: SAAB 99 turbo!


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