Studebaker Golden hawk 1957 for sale

2017 Dec 14
€ 50,000


The Studebaker Golden Hawk was only built from 1956 to 1958. First with a 5.8 litre Packard engine. In 1957 a Studebaker 4.7l "small block" with McCulloch compressor was fitted. It had 275 bhp and made it a forerunner of the 60ties muscle cars. The car offered is in perfect condition. It won a first prize at the Studebakers Driver's Club Meet in South Bend 1997. In 2012 the car was sold to Switzerland by Hyman Classis Cars Ltd.

Price: CHF 59950



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01/16 50,000

10/21 52,250

07/22 51,900

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