1997 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Sport Convertible for sale

2019 Mar 13
$ 15,995


There's something great about going premium car shopping on our site, and this 1997 Mercedes SL500 Sport is the reason why. It's an exceptionally original example of a new crop of classics. So you get to experience finely aged style, and at the same time, enjoy modern luxuries like A/C, power everything, a large V8, and a five-speed automatic transmission.

If you want to treat the interstate like the Autobahn, do it in a R129 Mercedes-Benz SL. Traffic parts as wide grille and massive three-pointed star gives an intimidating present in any rear-view mirror. And from every other angle this car looks like unstoppable performance, too. The crisply defined sheetmetal has an extra hint of sleekness from the optional Sport package and smooth AMG five-spoke wheels. This also has the unmistakable look of quality. The way the hood lines up and the doors close with such authority reminds you that a Mercedes was built to last well into its classic status. Even the paint looks terrific, and we wouldn't be surprised if the deep luster the aptly named Brilliant Silver color was from the factory application. The black folding roof looks great against this silver. Plus, this also comes with the color-matched removable hardtop that gives it a coupe-like profile (and there's even a panoramic roof, so you can still let the sunshine in.)

This SL has earned its reputation as a luxury cruiser through a long list of desirable features. Comfortable gray leather bucket seats adjust in every possible direction and even have dual memory settings, so it's easy to get in your ideal comfort position. But there's another side to Mercedes amenities that are always a nice bonus. This premium marque is known for engineering plenty of safety into their cars, and this can be seen on everything from the dual airbags, to the anti-lock disc brakes, to the roll bar that automatically pops up when danger is detected. There are other amenities such as power steering, power locks, cruise control, and an AM/FM/cassette stereo w/CD changer that's powerful enough to be heard at triple-digit speeds with the top down. And speaking of top, power windows and a power roof means you never have to leave the driver's seat to go from enclosed luxury to a wind-in-your-hair experience. And with both automatic climate control and heated seats, you can dial-in your ideal comfort setting even with the top down.

The 500 in SL500 refers to the 5.0 liter V8 that lives under the hood. The motor is a DOHC unit that produces 315 horsepower. So you get the best of both worlds with low-end power at the stoplights and plenty left for passing power even if you're cruising above the speed limit. In fact, that's exactly how the SL500 was engineered. The five-speed automatic transmission, multi-link fully independent suspension, and four-wheel disc brakes all work together to give you confidence and power no matter if you're driving through town or approaching triple-digit speeds. That's what makes this car so timeless. You can arrive at the club, and every other SL owner knows you took the long way there because this sport and luxury machine was specially built for it.

The sale comes with the owner's manual and a long service history showing proper care and good investments in this modern classic. So when all if this is available right now for an exceptional price, you know you need to hurry and call today!



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