1949 Salmson S461 for sale

2019 Feb 12
€ 21,950


Lowered price from €24.950 -> €21.950

Beautiful and very rare 4-door.
These cars were mainly known for their exclusivity (expensive) and their powerful engines (double overhead camshaft) and special gearboxes (Boite Cotal).
The car is in good condition and ready to drive.
The Salmson S4 is a mid-size executive-level car introduced as the Salmson S4 C by Société des Moteurs Salmson in Autumn 1932. ] It was the manufacturer's principal or sole model for the next twenty years.  The star of the Salmson stand at the 31st Paris Motor Show in October 1937 should have the Salmson S4-E.  The car's 4-cylinder 2312 cc power unit extended the S4 range up, into the 13 CV category.  In fact, the car was placed at the far end of the stand without fanfare and without any accompanying publicity campaign, so that many visitors to the show will have missed it completely.

The Salmson S4-61 replaced the S4 DA (see above this site) for 1938. Technically very little changed.

Length: cm (in): 451 (177.6)
Width: cm (in): 165 (65)
Height: cm (in): 157 (61.8)
Wheelbase: cm (in): 285 (112.2)
Weight: kg (lb): 1170 (2582)
Displacement: straight-four 1731 cc (106 cu in) front-mounted
Valve gear: 8
Fuel system: 1 carburetor
Gearbox: 4-speed manual
Driven wheels: rear-wheel drive
Maximum power: 54 hp at 4700 rpm
Maximum speed: 130 km/h (81 mph)



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