2016 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually 4X4 for sale

2018 Nov 19
$ 38,995


Professionally built by the Truck Tech team of PowerNationTV, this truck runs 55psi of boost in "hot" mode which makes it super powerful and stupid fast. If you want to roll coal all over your friends' Ford and Chevy diesels then this is the truck for you. Parts on truck alone retail for over $41,000 and you know it all works together like it should because of who it was built by.

As if the new Dodge trucks don't look good already, this one received one of the new Identity series front bumpers from Road Armor to add a more intimidating look to the front end. Depending on who you roll up behind, either the red white and blue Road Armor coat of arms, or the big 'ol Ram on the grill will be filling up their mirror. Either way, they are likely to get out of your way without having to hit your horn. The rest of the body is pretty much understated in a nice shade of Gray with smooth lines flowing down the sides and curving around the dual rear wheels. The American Force Flow F08 22" wheels look fantastic and are the exception to that "understated" comment. A roll bar at the front of the bed was also added to give the truck even more curb appeal.

Open the door and as you would expect in a modern truck, you will find an interior with all the comfort and luxury of a high-end car. You will also find a few extra features that allow you to control as well as keep tabs on the performance upgrades. The door panel has a long comfortable armrest for those long hauls with the power windows, locks, and rear-view mirror retract switches at your fingertips. There is also a big door pocket, cup holder, and one of the speakers for the FM/satellite, Bluetooth sound system. Between the power operated front bucket seats covered in Gray cloth is a center console with various configurations including a nice armrest to suit your needs while on the road. In addition to Nav, fingertip controls on the steering wheel, and climate control, you have a Calibrated power dial at your disposal, Autometer boost and pyrometer gauges mounted to the windshield pillar and a Banks engine controller mounted to the steering wheel.

Raise the hood and you will be able to see some of the nuts and bolts behind the serious power upgrades. There is an AFE/Fleece Performance cold air intake, Steed Speed intake and exhaust manifolds as well as a 2nd gen turbo kit, and a Banks intercooler. What you don't see are the upgrades that enable those parts to make that much power reliably. ARP hardware with Hamilton valve springs and pushrods, Mahle gaskets, and a Fleece Performance CP3 lift pump and duel pump kit. The exhaust side is handled by an AFE system with DEI heat shielding. From that foundation, computers and driver adjustable controllers handle the level of power desired. Power is sent back through an ASGS performance transmission to the rear wheels, or all the wheels. An Eaton carrier with Nitro ring and pinion gears get the power out to the wheels, and at the rear, McGaughy's trailing arms get the power on the ground effectively on matter what the load. EBC brake pads on the factory 4-wheel disc brakes provide good stopping power, and the rubber meets the road through 305/45R22s all around.

A super powerful and stupid fast truck built by the Truck Tech team at PowerNation TV. Come on down and check it out.



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