2010 BMW M3 for sale

2018 Nov 15
$ 39,995


The BMW M3 is a legend, no two ways about it. And while there were purists who were upset with BMW for putting a V8 engine in their legendary sports sedan, it turns out that it made for one heck of a car. This 2010 BMW M3 sedan delivers the kind of thrills you used to have to buy a 2-seat supercar to enjoy, while maintaining its daily-driver demeanor. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!

The charcoal gray metallic paint is a great choice on the M3. Let the extroverts have their brightly colored race cars, this sleek sedan is pure Q-ship, designed to speak softly and carry a big V8 stick. Owned from day one by enthusiastic owners, it remains in exemplary shape with a deep luster to the paint and no evidence that it has ever been wrecked or damaged. The doors close with typical Teutonic precision, the gaps are exacting, and the paint shows you what you got for almost $70 grand back in 2010. It's just gorgeous. It comes from New Mexico, so rust is obviously a non-issue and it remains completely stock externally, from the gaping air intakes to the subtle "power dome" on the hood to the quad exhaust tips out back. Yes, it's got a ton of presence, but only the people who know what it is understand that they're in the presence of greatness.

The black leather interior looks virtually new, with very few signs of use or wear even on the high-traffic surfaces of the outer bolsters. Those deeply sculpted (and heated!) seats are designed to hold you in place for spirited driving, but they're also all-day comfortable for blasting across the country at high speeds. Perhaps most importantly, this car carries a traditional 6-speed manual gearbox, complete with a clutch pedal on the floor. Even BMW isn't immune to the performance advantages of the modern clutchless paddle shifter gearbox, but for many enthusiasts, there's just something special about the perfectly executed shift. It matters a lot in a car like this. Of course, everything else was standard on the M3, including climate control, power windows, locks, mirrors, and seats, a fantastic stereo system, cruise control, a tilt/telescope steering column, and a sunroof. The back seat looks completely unused and there's a good-sized trunk that makes this a real car for real people.

The heart of the E90 M3 is a 4.0 liter V8 making 420 horsepower at a rather astounding 8300 RPM. While earlier M3s typically used inline-6s, the V8 transformed the M3 into something altogether...nastier. It's rippingly fast with seemingly endless reserves of torque, and it will lunge forward at virtually any speed in any gear. The smooth V8 feels like it could rev forever and never seems to be working very hard, despite the fact that this sedan will embarrass a lot of heavy-duty sports cars. Remarkably, it's completely stock, with its owners resisting the usual temptation to "upgrade" and "personalize" their BMW. As a result, it runs and drives like a BMW should and has no issues, no quirks, and no service problems to address. It also rides surprisingly well given its performance capabilities and obviously, the brakes are enormously powerful. The only noteworthy extra is a set of spacers to push the wheels outboard a bit, giving it that awesome stance. But the 18-inch alloys and staggered 245/40/18 front and 265/40/18 rear Michelin radials are as the factory intended.

Beautifully maintained in a warm climate, this M3 represents something of a bargain given both its original sticker price and the price of a new one. Get in and drive, and maybe you'll understand. Call now!



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