1923 Austin Twenty All-Weather for sale

2018 Nov 10
£ 24,995


I`ve owned this car for a few years now and have done many thousands of really enjoyable miles including the annual pilgrimage to VSCC Prescott. Two reasons I`m selling. Another car has become available which I would like to finance, something has to go. The second is that I have just bought an old Crossley which has been in the family before, and this Crossley makes the Austin now somewhat redundant being of almost identical specification both mechanically and in coachwork. I will be sad to see it go but needs-must and all that.It has been an exceptional car. Goes amazingly well, strong turn of speed and stops well too. If you don`t know the All-Weather coachwork, the hood goes down like a cabriolet but has wind up glass windows so can be as snug as a saloon with the hood up. The car is originally from New Zealand and is the only surviving two door coupe in the world. There are two 4 door Ranleigh `Coupe`, one UK and one recently discovered NZ, but both those cars, although lovely, do not have the facility to fold the hood down like this car. I have a large amount of spares which are available by separate negotiation including two complete engines.



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