2006 Pontiac Solstice for sale

2018 Oct 25
$ 9,995


With the Solstice, Pontiac had created the brands first two-seater since the Fiero was discontinued in 1988. It was immediately nominated for the North American Car of the Year award and the Design of the Year award. It was also an instant success with twice as many orders in the first 10 days than they had planned to build the whole first year of production in 2006. Here is an opportunity for you to buy a nice example.

Presented in Black with a Black roof, this little car is compact and sculpted with a minimalist sensibility. The nose curves in from the fenders to lead with a honeycomb grill that should look familiar to Pontiac fans and with an Arrow emblem just above the center. A thin chrome line cuts across at the front edge of the hood interrupted by the headlights with a set of fog lights set just below them. The fenders flare out and then back in creating a coke bottle shape and body colored dual sport mirrors mount on the doors. The rear fenders bulge out and up substantially creating quite a muscular look before wrapping back in smoothly at the rear. The car looks like a great little roadster with the roof up, almost like an old Jag XK series, but with the roof down, the aerodynamic fairings starting at the seat backs look more Ferrari or Porsche like. Big 18" wheels fill up those fender wells and give the car a rock-solid look.

Open the door and you will find an interior equally as sculpted as the body of the car. The door panel has a cutout creating good elbow room and a comfortable armrest with power window and mirror switches at your fingertips. The high-backed sport bucket seats in Black and Gray cloth are comfortable and supportive. A center console puts your arm comfortably in the perfect place for stirring around the short throw shifter for the 5-speed manual gearbox with just the flick of a wrist. The back of the console has a bit of storage in it and there is another nice Pontiac Arrow emblem at the top of it. The three spoke steering wheel is beefy, contoured nicely, and feels good in your hands. The dash has white faced gauges with speedo, tach and fuel gauge tucked back into their pods. Ventilation controls include those for the air conditioning are in the center console just over a nice AM/FM/CD sound system for your listening pleasure.

Pop the hood, which hinges at the front, and you will find a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with an Echotec VVT dress up kit and cold air intake that were sourced directly from GM performance. The engine is centered well behind the centerline of the front wheels making it a front/mid-engine car. This is one of the big things that makes this car so responsive while driving it and so popular with the sports car crowd. But it's not the only thing. It is a rear drive car which means that the work is split with the back wheels providing the go power and the front wheels doing the steering through a rack and pinion system with a beefy sway bar. A fully independent suspension keeps those big 245/45R18 tires mounted on Pontiac 5-spoke alloys planted firmly on the road and big 4-wheel antilock disc brakes means that this car can stop on a dime.

It's a shame that GM discontinued the Pontiac brand. They produced some great cars. This is one of them, and this one could be yours. Come on down and check it out.



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