1993 MX5 Series One V Spec2 1.8litre For Sale for sale

2018 Sep 04


Very Rare Series One V Special Series 2, 1800cc Manual 5 speed. Here at Pride & Joy, as Series One Specialists, we have given this example a Wheeler Dealer minor restoration. It has received fresh paint to a rust free body, mechanical evaluation and correction. Interior revarnish of some wood work, retrim of the leather seats etc. It has covered 69,000 miles, now looks and drives A1. Original Ultimate spec included Air Con, Power steering, Leather Seats with built in speakers in headrests and more. The V Spec 2 included 1800cc engine, Suspension steady bars, Limited slip diff and more. Externally it had Chrome Mirrors & Hollow Spoke Chromed Alloy wheels. Interior had map pockets in door cards plus alloy kick plates and more. Can only be a handful of V Spec2`s in UK and personally we have never seen another one. Now Looking outstanding, it`s time to buy this fast appreciating 25yr old classic, tipped for the top. Please Note Example photo used. Actual car has tan hood & hood cover.

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