1985 Jeep Diavolino 125cc Microcar Beachcar Messerschmitt for sale

2018 Aug 24
£ 4,499


The smallest ever factory build Jeep in the world. Proper Swiss build ZBR Diavolino with 125cc engine and Fiat components. No rust problems ever since its got a glassfibre body. What a cool microcar. Fits 2 proper persons. Can be legaly driven from any 16 year old on the road. Perfect to carry with your camper, drive around in the paddock ore beach ore as as a ultra cool kidscar. Only a few of this rare cars where produced from 1984 till 1985. If you would like to see more pictures please ask. We ship world wide. This cute car can be seen in our showroom near Frankfurt / Germany.



Price changes

The price has changed by £500 since it was listed on the site

11/10 4,499

08/24 4,999

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