Citroen CX 1984 series 1 For Sale for sale

2018 Aug 21
£ 14,000


Redone some paint work and replaced for nicer seats all original colour I will be as descriptive as possible however it is to be viewed in person a photo says a lot but cannot give you the angle look. I bought this car a year or so ago to keep, it was in fair condition for year and looked after well by the last owner, collector of classic cars a Citroen enthusiast like myself. I have totally almost striped the car to rid of any rust on the body and doors, back to metal and repainted, the had no rust that I could see resealed with black wax oil. Paintwork is in a very nice colour apparently it was a Citroen colour in the seventies chrome work is in good condition, brand new headlights fitted. Good used back lights ,and a lot of spares just in case ?. The interior is in original patina seats/springs are in good condition in blue, the carpet is all there but a little faded, roof lining is in good condition .All the instrument is in perfect working condition . Suspention is in top working order so is the engine and very smooth gearbox. The car is up because I have only driven it 100 miles or less since January MOT.I have too many old jags which I prefer to drive plus this car is too long for city parking in Wimbledon. Obviously this will only be attractive to a Citroen fans I have owned 4 different ones over the years my first was in 1982 and this is the best I have owned don`t forget in the 80`s it was worth very little. I have reduced the price buy a lot so that it can sell quickly The price I am asking is well worth it due to its condition and rarity. Previous time wasters need not apply. I don`t want to hold it for anyone with a deposit for more then 2 weeks. I ALSO HAVE XJS TOTAL BODY REBUILT AND XJ6 SERIES 3 LPG IN EXCELLENT CONDITION PLEASE CALL TO DISCUSS WHY I will see if I can put it in barons auction for the 17 th July .



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