2017 Nov 02
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The Jaguar XK 140 was introduced at the 1954 Earls Court Motor Show in Londen. Comparing with it’s former model, the 120 there were a considerable number of changes, some of which had undoubtedly inspired by customer feedback from the American market.
Although our customers, the best change is the increased legroom.
The XK140 was even as the XK120 directly available as Fixed Head (closed Coupe), Roadster (2 seater convertible) and the Drophead Coupe (4 seater convertible).
All Jaguar XK 140’s were equipped with 3.442cc 6 cylinder engines which produced standard 190 horsepower. An extra option was the so-called C-Type cylinder head which increased the engine power with 20 horsepower to a total of 210 horsepower.
It is relatively easy to recognize a Jaguar XK 140 with C-type engine head because the chassis number needs to start with an S in that case.
This specific example has chassis number: S 817634DN which shows that it has been originally delivered with a C-type engine head (210 instead of 190 horsepower) and that the car was delivered with the desirable overdrive as the chassis number finishes with DN (de Normanville) which was the producer of the overdrive units.
It is rare to find XK 140’s with this specific and desirable details.
The Jaguar has been newly delivered in the US and was overseas for a long time. When the car arrived in Holland it was completely body-off restored at a Dutch Jaguar specialist.
It was then sold to a customer in the North of Holland who sold it via us to a Belgium customer.
This gentlemen sold the car after 5 years back to us as he changed interest into mainly Maserati’s.
The Jaguar has been very nicely restored and since the restoration the car is used but on a very careful way so the condition is impressively nice. The paint is very nice and shiny without dents or scratches.
The chrome parts are all excellent with some very minor scratches on the window surrounding.
The wheels are in as new condition with perfect tires.
The fittings of the bonnet and doors are almost nicer then new and the body has a good shape as many XK’s are too round or too wide.
Exterior wise the XK is very nice and the color suits the XK extremely well.
The name of the color is Cotswold blue and this is combined with a blue interior and dark blue softtop. Very chique and beautiful and finally not standard green or dark blue.
The blue interior suits the outside Cotswold blue very nice.
The leather is very nice without damages and the carpet is also in a wonderful condition with minor signs of usage.
The wood in the car is amazing. Very nicely shining and with a beautiful patron.
The car is fitted with a slightly smaller wooden steering wheel which is a nice benefit as the car is fitted with an electrical power steering from EZ power steering in the Netherlands.
This power steering makes the XK an even nicer and more easy car to use on a daily base.
All meters, gauges and knobs are working perfectly without hesitation.
When we inspected this Jaguar before we brought her over to our showroom we were already convinced about the quality of the car but when the engine bay was opened it became even more clear that the car was really nice and unique.
The engine bay is extremely clean and very nice shiny.
When the key of the Jaguar is turned, the engine starts easily and it become immediately clear that the engine is running very strong.
The power in the car is amazing but this is always with well restored/maintained Jaguars.
A very nice feature on this Jaguar is the overdrive on the 4th gear but also the other upgrades (disc brakes at the front and powersteering).
It makes the Jaguar very useable for different occasions. A long holiday trip on mountain roads or cruising on the motorway on a speed of 120 kilometers an hour by using the overdrive and the disc brakes when needed. The XK is a car which can be used almost as a daily car because the handling is so easy and the car is so powerful that the car is faster then the average new car on the road. A safe feeling when driving her on the motorway.
It is a very impressive example to drive around with and she is ready to be taken on a long holiday trip.
Currently the Jaguar has Belgium registration papers but we can help with converting this into a registration for another country.
For more information or an appointment, please call Rutger Houtkamp+31625098150 or send an e-mail to Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone during evenings or in the weekend. The Houtkamp Collection is centrally located near Amsterdam and only 10 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
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