1965 3.5 V8 with 4 speed + overdrive gearbox For Sale for sale

2018 Aug 07


So here is a bit of fun. It’s a 1965 ex military S2a with a Rover 3.5 V8 engine with a four speed with overdrive gearbox. The engine has been in the car for many years and is correctly entered on the V5c as such. History It was built on 26th August 1965 and went into military service until 5th March 1973. At some point prior to 2004 the V8 engine was professionally fitted including extra dials an electric fan etc.. The dials etc are from the 70s I have 5 MOTs from 2001 to date showing it has covered just 2457 miles in 17 years. I have some bills and letters from owners over the years. I have owned it 4 years on the V5 and the previous owner is a friend of mine who owned it from 2007, and he bought it from a friend of his who owned it from 2004. In 2016 the brakes and electrics were overhauled to get it running and moving as it had sat for a few years. Then this year I had it respayed in the correct green but with slight matting so it didn’t shine too much. I have unersealed it too and fitted a new fast turning starter motor, new battery, cleaned the fuel lines and serviced it. Bills for all this are available. The rear chassis has been replaced in the past and I found no rust on the chassis. The bulkhead is also sound. Lots of dents on the bodywork though. It comes with a hard top too with side windows and a lift up rear tailgate, ideal for the winter. The 7 seats are in good serviceable condition but are not original The tyres are a few years old but have plenty of tread and no cracks, they came off my Range Rover and hold air. Having decided to sell I thought it best to give it an MOT to show the vehicle is legal and roadworthy. I took it on a 10 mile drive last night and it is really rather fun. Bloody awful to drive and scary too but that’s old Land Rovers for you. This is a car to drive to the pub and the tip not for going round the world in, and once you get used to the fact that is bumpy noisy and the steering is horrid it is indeed fun. I bottled out at 50mph though! The overdrive works very well and the V8 sound great. It starts first time too. It does need some fettling though, as I just don’t have the time any more so things like there is no jack, the battery is cable tied in place, no door mirrors, Bonnet wont shut properly (big heavy wheel stops it flying up though) Most of the transition tunnel floor bolts are missing, the fuel gage, temp gauge and oil pressure gages don’t work, they did last week so it cant be much. The soft top has no holes and is waterproof but some of the strings are a bit short so need changing. It’s all that sort of stuff, nothing to difficult. My advice is to come and see it have a drive and if your happy buy it. I have a trailer and a big 4x4 so I’m happy to deliver it for £1 per mile as it has only done 10 miles in 10 years its bound to brake down on the way home!!!! Well maybe not but unless your local its not going to be a fun drive home. For more info or to arrange a viewing please feel free to call me on 07801 077017 I may take a part exchange too if that helps



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