1988 Perfect BMW 750 IL For Sale for sale

2018 Aug 01
£ 9,000


Designed by Claus Luthe, the BMW 7 was launched in September 1986, sparking a rivalry with the competition from Stuttgart in the premium class as well. The actual sensation – the 750 IL Long Body Step – followed a short time afterwards, in summer 1987, when BMW released the first German 12-cylinder automobile of the post-war period. From the outside, the top model was immediately recognisable thanks to its broad kidney grille and the special design of the double-tube exhaust. BMW imposed its own speed limit of 250 km/h with the introduction of the 750. Besides Ferrari, Lamborghini and jaguar, this brought the number of manufacturers offering a 12-cylinder car to four, whereby BMW was most undoubtedly the most reliable. beautiful 12-cylinder 5,000 cc with long body spep (IL version) few units produced and very few registered in Italy, despite the low sales price that is below the actual market value, this is a car certainly destined to rise in price, new at the time it cost 160.000 million lire, moreover it has an ASI certification, historical to all intents and purposes as this year it runs the 30th year of construction, all original in splendid conditions and in more single-owner with booklet of the coupons. Unusually low mileage and to a remarkably good condition, which sets this BMW pleasingly apart from others of its kind!



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