2017 Nov 02
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The Jaguar XK150 was introduced in May 1957 in Fixed Head Coupe and Drophead Coupe form replacing the XK140 range. All cars used the XK140 chassis but this time the bodywork was of a much more modern appearance and for the first time featured a one piece curved windscreen. Inside the vehicle the walnut veneer on the dashboard and door cappings had been replaced with padded leather trim. Mechanically one of the main changes to the XK150 were the Dunlop disc brakes which were used both front and rear as opposed to drums which were fitted to the XK140.
The Jaguar XK 150 is because of its improvements from the XK 140 the best driver from the XK range. We drive the XK 150 quite a lot ourselves as well as an XK 140 in different rallies as the Mille Miglia.
The increased space as well as the four wheel disc brake system make the XK 150 a fantastic driver. We can imagine that this car will be used on a daily base.
This specific Jaguar XK 150 Fixed Head Coupe is since a long time in Holland. The car was completely body-off restored some years ago and then sold to a friend of us who sold the car to a German collector. This gentlemen scarcely used the car but registered the car in Germany so currently the car has a German Zulassung. This can easily be changed to any other country and we can always assist.
During the restoration the Jaguar has received some upgrades to make the Jaguar even more attractive to drive as it normally is.
The car is fitted with a 5 speed gearbox, a power steering, an alternator dynamo and some other small improvements.
We do not want to start to talk immediately about the condition of the exterior of the Jaguar as the condition is off-course rather important but the lining of this car is much more important.
This specific 150 has something very special as it is fitted with spatch and closed wheels. The line of the coupe becomes in our opinion much more beautiful with this body specification.
But amongst the beautiful lines of the body, the car is in a very nice condition exterior wise. The paint is very nice and has a beautiful deep shine.
The doorfittings are perfect and the overall condition of the chrome is extremely nice. There are no scratches, dents or pits on the chrome, actually the chrome is as new.
If we take a look at the exterior of the Jaguar it can easily be seen that the car is impressively restored and due to the fact that the Jaguar has not been used often since the restoration, the car is just in a wonderful condition.
During the restoration, the former owner choose for an brown/beige interior which combines absolutely fantastic with the exterior.
It gives the car a finishing touch and it turns the car even more into a piece of art.
The seats in the Jaguar are from a Jaguar XJS to give a more comfortable seat position.
Amongst the quality of the interior, the details need a small description as this car is actually very dangerous to drive.
It is almost impossible to keep you eyes on the road as the meters and knobs/buttons are all so nice.
The dashboard seems to be simple but less is more and the design of this dashboard is simple but so nice.
When the key of the Jaguar is turned, the engine starts easily and it become immediately clear that the engine is running very strong.
The power in the car is amazing and the combination with the 5 speed gearbox makes the car a machine which is fantastic to drive.
According to us the XK is 1 of the best driving cars of the period because of very welcome specs such as the disc brakes.
The transmission shifts very well with good syncros, both when warm and cold.
The car is very well restored and due to that fact, the response on the steering, the gas pedal and the brakes are just excellent.
If we drive around in this XK we get quite a lot of nice compliments because of the fantastic exterior color which suits the interior very well.
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