2017 Nov 02
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The stunning Lancia Aprilia was one of the first designed cars using a wind tunnel in collaboration with Battista Farina and Politecnico di Torino, achieving a record low drag coefficient of 0.47. The berlinetta aerodinamica was first shown in 1936.
Launched in 1937, two months after the month in which the firm’s founder died, the Aprilia set new standards in production car design.
Vicenzo Lancia had specified that this new small saloon should weigh less than 900 kilograms, be less than 4 metres in length, seat five adults in comfort, possess independent suspension, be capable of attaining 81 mph and consume fuel at a rate of 10 litres per 100 kilometres (28mpg).
Faced with these challenging demands, the design team had little option but to abandon conventional thinking.
Presaging post-war developments, the Aprilia saloon broke away from the traditional ‘three-box’ layout and incorporated Vicenzo’s specified all-independent suspension and hydraulic braking, while the unitary construction bodyshell and overhead-camshaft narrow-angle V4 engine were advances Lancia devotees had enjoyed for many years.
Rather than being merely a styling device, the Aprilia’s streamlined shape had been determined by wind tunnel experimentation, one of the very first instances of the science of aerodynamics being applied to a production car. ‘Mirror-image’ doors and pillar-less construction ensured for ease of passenger access; the Aprilia was unrivalled.
As was the practice at this time, many manufacturers, including the main Italian marques would offer chassis based on current production cars to independent coachbuilders, such as Pininfarina, Zagato etc for them to place their own creations onto.
This Lancia Aprilia was built by the Swiss coachbuilder Worblaufen and is probably the only one known to have built by him. Worblaufen, F. Ramseier & Co. was one of the most important Swiss coachbuilders for passenger cars. The company produced many outstandingly elegant cabriolets and roadsters on Isotta-Fraschini, Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo and Bugatti chassis. After World War 2, mostly on Talbot Lago, Delahaye, Citroën, Jaguar, BMW and Bentley basis. Worblaufen stopped his production in 1958.
This rare Aprilia Cabriolet Worblaufen has for 50 years been part of a major Italian collection. This car comes with its Italian papers.
The body of the Lancia is nice. The paint has a very nice shine and is without damages or scratches.
The doorfittings are nice even as the gaps.
The chrome seems to be all original and some parts would benefit from a rechrome treatment although the patina is also nice on the car.
The windows and lamp glasses are all in a nice order.
Overall the exterior condition of the Lancia is very nice but not pristine. The car has undergone an older restoration which show nowadays a nice patina.
The interior is the same as the exterior. Very nice but not perfect. It can be recognized that this car is not brand new restored but has undergone a restoration some years ago which has been carried out very nicely but it is visible that details are as they have to be and not too new.
The leather on the seats is very nice and without any damages. The carperts/rubber on the ground as well and the soft top is also in a very nice order.
The dashboard is beautiful and completely period correct. The metal is finished with a beautiful wooden part which continues on the doors. A very nice feature.
Lancia has always been a brand which was far forward with it’s research and always invented systems to make the cars very nice to drive as well as reliable.
We immediately felt that when we started this Lancia. The car was starting directly although it stood still in a collection for some time.
Then it drove very nicely and after a good service the car can be enjoyed for nice trips.
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