2017 Nov 02
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It is reported that the Jaguar engineers wanted to use the same engine as was being fitted to the XK 120, however the production line for the engine was still being geared up and could barely cope with the output required to fit to the XK.
As could be expected, the added power offered by the 3.5 litre made the MK V a much better driving car.
The 3.5 MKV was also available in either a choice of four door saloon or elegant drop head coupe coachwork – and amazingly the drop head being priced identically to the four door. The styling was an intriguing blend of old and modern, its lines being traditional and yet incorporating modern features such as faired-in headlamps and mudguards (wings/fenders). It is interesting to note that the MKV and XK were the first cars to be designed and manufactured solely under the “Jaguar” brand.
The chassis design of the Jaguar Mark V could only be referred to as a magnificent piece of engineering. It consisted of box section side members and a heavy cruciform bracing built to give the utmost rigidity on all occasions. On this was mounted the new type of independent front suspension. Suspension at the rear was by very long semi-elliptic springs, the whole system designed primarily to provide a soft ride with a minimum of pitch or bounce and at the same time to maintain the road holding and cornering stability which were features of Jaguar cars – then as now. T
The brakes were the then latest type Girling hydraulic with two leading shoe equipment on all four wheels. The handbrake was mechanically operated.
We have sold once more a Jaguar MK V Drophead Coupe which we thought was the nicest in the world. That car was restored in the Netherlands by a company called Noble House. The restoration has costed much more then the value of the car.
But restoring a MKV on a top level cost a serious amount of money. It is one of the most difficult cars to restore but if it is finished, it is amazing.
This 3.5 litre MKV has been restored via a Dutch company in New Zeeland. Not because the quality in New Zeeland is better but a labour hour is costing halve of the price as in Holland. So the money for the restoration which is spend on this car is actually the same as in Holland but the hours which are invested in the car are double.
The result is therefore absolutely amazing. The car is in a wonderful overall condition.
Everything has been taken to pieces and every part has been restored. It is amazing.
Actually it is a car which drives very well but we can imagine that there will be people who take a chair next to the car, to switch on some nice music to look at the design of the car. You will need at least 1 full day to find all the special characteristics and to see how well this car is restored in detail.
You will then also understand why a restoration of such a car has to be extremely expensive.
This specific example is a rather rare European example. Most of these cars were sold in the United States but this specific example is newly delivered at the 4th. of December 1950 to a Mr. E.T. Johnson via Nuffield Exports Ltd. in Stuttgart, Germany.
During it’s life, the MKV was shipped to the United States but she came back to Holland in 2000 via classic car dealer Joop Stolze. The car was at the time in need of serious attention/restoration.
In between 2005 and 2009 the Jaguar has been completely nut and bolt / body-off restored and the condition is still amazing.
The looks of the MKV are absolutely amazing. It is immediately recognizable that this car has been extremely serious restored.
The body of the MKV is extremely straight and the paint is from a very high quality. The paint is very shiny and without significant dents, scratches or nicks. It is off-course possible to find very minor details as the car has been used once in a while for a nice weather trip but in our quick view before writing this story we didn’t see any details which have to be mentioned.
The chrome is absolutely outstanding and extremely nice shining. Only on the side window surrounding it is possible to find some very minor scratches but the grille, bumpers and tray surroundings, the chrome looks almost nicer then new.
The door fittings are all excellent.
Also the windows are all in as new condition and the same quality are the lamps.
The condition of the interior can be compared with exterior condition. Extremely nice and almost as new.
By looking at the interior it is easy to recognize that this restoration was an extremely serious restoration. The leather is from a high quality in exactly the perfect color red (not too light or too dark). The wood on the dashboard and doors is as new or probably even a bit nicer then new and the carpets are giving the feeling if nobody has ever taken a seat in the car.
The soft top is also renewed during the restoration from both the inside as well as the outside and after some years also the soft top is in as new condition.
The boot is probably the only part where it can be seen that this Jaguar has been scarcely used since the restoration. One can find some minor scratches which we think we can polish away (not tried yet).
The engine bay is extremely nice and looks as it has just been finished from restoration.
The former owner of the Jaguar MKV is a serious car enthusiast who takes care for his cars and is not saving money on maintenance. He brought the Jaguar to the main Dutch Jaguar specialist Kolvenbach on a regular base for checks on the car.
He also decided to install an electric power steering in the car which improves very much the drivability of the car.
So in short: The result of the restoration is a car in an absolute pristine condition. It would be very difficult to find a Jaguar MK V / another classic car in a condition like this Jaguar.
The car comes with a nice file of the restoration including a lot of restoration pictures.
One last/final note. Please take also a careful look to the tool set in the back of the car. This is complete which is very unique.
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