1995 Lexus LS400 - Exceptional for sale

2018 Jul 05


In 1989 Toyota started development on the flagship LS400 model to kick off the Lexus brand. The vehicle was developed to challenge and exceed the leading luxury brands. Did they succeed? Oh yes the LS400 even today could challenge the current crop of luxury vehicles. The vehicle is powered by a silky smooth 4.0 litre V8 which is near silent when sitting in traffic and virtually vibration free. Apparently Toyota had 80 engineers working on just making the engine vibration free. The engine itself is coveted by racers and drifters for its power and reliability. At the time Toyota spent over billion dollars in the 80’s in its development and had the likes Mercedes and BMW very worried as well they should have been because the result was astounding. The engine and gearbox is silky smooth (unlike the crappy Volvo box in my current workhorse) and when combined with the wonderful V8 simply a joy to drive. The LS400 is ultra reliable with many no 1 spots on the JD Power Survey. Even 23 years on the car drives like new. My car is a very low mileage example which I purchased in March 2015 with 27k miles on the clock and then proceeded to use it to commute from Dunfermline and Blackpool for a couple of years. Perfect for the 222 mile trip to work and back along the quite M74/M6. The car now has 77k on the clock and has been meticulously maintained. The car is not without faults but has to be one the very best examples about. Over the period of my ownership I have; * Replaced the factory head unit with Pioneer DAB head unit with CarPlay and Android support. * Replaced the upper front wishbones and balljoints and lower ball joints. * Had the ECU capacitors replaced (common issue) because I thought it was faulty. Turned out the car is so quiet that when the aircon is on and you are stopped at the lights the clutch on the compressor would engage and rpms raise. All normal. Oh well at least the capacitor issue was not going to cause me an issue. * Replaced the wheels with later Lexus wheels and shod them in Michelin Cross Climate tires. * Recently replaced the discs, pads and shoes all round with high quality Mintec replacements as well as the handbrake cable. * Replaced the non functioning alarm with a brand new replacement. The car has all the toys of the time and a few more with the addition of the Pioneer head unit. It has DAB, Apple and Android, Bluetooth, iPod cable, USBs etc. When I purchased the car it had had 3 belt changes and a full history which I have maintained. I had a full service done when I purchased the car including Engine flush, gearbox oil change and a radiator flush and fluid change along with the usuals. Not because it needed it, just because I am a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to my cars. The car had the original tires on it when I purchased it which had many miles left on them but at 20 years old I decided a change was in order. I put it up on my mates 2 poster and checked it out and the only bit of corrosion I could find was on the join between two sections of the exhaust. I kid you not. Clean and dry. I guess it only came out on weekends and for its regular service and MOT. It has had a full valet once a month in my ownership and cleaned as and when it needed it. As a result the overall condition of the car is almost as good as when it came off the showroom. It does have a few stone chips (it is 23 years old after all). The carpets are in great nick although the over mats have been replaced with rubber items. Aside from the stone chips the car is in A1 condition inside and out but it does have a couple of minor issues. The heated seat elements in the front don’t work anymore (back ones do). This is pretty standard for these cars as the tech at the time was prone to breakage in the elements with age. The petrol cap lever is missing its plastic cap. Thats it. Why am I selling it, if it is such a good car? Well circumstances have changed. I am working close to home now so it doesn’t get used much anymore. I also need something a bit more spacious and versatile as the wife needs to travel to trade shows with enough product to fill a 3 x 1 metre stand. I have had to down grade to a Volvo V70 estate which is like driving a tractor in comparison. Here are a few interesting links about the model. Enthusiasts blog. - Wine glass commercial. Yes it is that good. Wikipedia entry My Vehicle details * First Registered 24th May 1995 * Mk2 model * Green and grey colour (best colour combo) * 4.0 litre V8 UCF 20 * 4 speed silky smooth Auto box * Cream leather interior * Pioneer AVIC-F88DAB Sat nav DAB Head Unit. Original head unit is supplied as well if you want to go back to standard. * Lexus IS Wheels and Michelin Cross Climate tires * MPG - regularly got 27mpg on fast motorway journeys. * Climate * High output LED bulbs for the reversing lights. * MOT 13 Feb 2019 Car is just back from getting the front bumper touched up and machine polished. Looks amazing. More photos on request. I have the stock stereo to put the car back to original which are to be provided with the car at sale time. Contact me on 07989 163 138 or email [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email- protection#422e273a373102232b30212d2d2e2726213023383b6c212d2f) I am an honest guy with a passion for cars and look after my toys with obsessive abandon. Happy to answer any questions from serious buyers. No agencies please. Price - £7000 ono Note : The car is to be featured in Modern Classics Magazine and is to go for its photo shoot on the 9th July so the car will not be available for collection until after then.


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