Classic car Insurance

Insurance to protect your valued classic car is imperative and you can insure it against a number of things whether it’s a daily driver, wedding hire vehicle, restoration project or even a show car. The definition of a classic car typically is any car that is over 15 years old to be eligible for classic insurance. This is not to be said for all insurers so it may be worth checking.

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Insurance Products

Agreed Valuation

Agreed valuation on your classic car is where you can acquire an insurance scheme which ensures that in the event of a claim or total loss, you can be paid the certified value of the vehicle. Due to variables in the pricing of classic cars based on conditions you may be paid less than the car value without having a certified classic car valuation.

Laid up cover

If you have a non-road registered classic car that needs insurance cover whilst it is off the road you can get Laid up classic car cover. This can cover damage, fire, theft, whilst it is being repaired if you are exhibiting your classic car as well as accessories and spare parts you may have for it also. This can also apply to race cars and restoration vehicles, however, you must stipulate to your provide the status of the classic so they can quote you appropriately.

Classic car club discount

Many insurance providers work with classic car clubs to offer discounts if you are a member. Many can offer up to 25% discount to car club members, this does vary by insurer so mention any clubs you are part of when you are quoting up.

Limited mileage insurance

Limiting your mileage for your classic car can give you variable and lower premiums in some instances. Some start as low as 1,000 miles per year. If you are a regular classic car driver, then you can get unlimited mileage policies for competitive prices.


  • Classic Car Insurance

    According to HM Revenue & Customs, a classic car is defined by its age and its worth. Commonly, a classic is a vehicle more than 15 years old and worth over £15,000.

    However, various insurers will have different criteria and using an expert like it’s classic car insurance will give you the best opportunity to gain the most appropriate cover.

    Choosing the correct insurer for your classic car is important, that is why we suggest speaking to a specialist insurer who a variety of schemes for your classic car.

    Many classic car owners use their cherished vehicle as a second vehicle and usually insure with low mileage, with a typical classic car policy arranged with up to 3,000 miles per year.
  • How much does classic car insurance cost?

    Based on risk, classic car insurance policies are written on the assumption that the vehicle would be used less than a modern car, for example, in the summer, warmer months.

    Additionally, it is assumed that classic cars are cared for by their owners and maintenance on a car means it is less likely something will go wrong, therefore it invites cheaper premiums.

    Other factors include limited mileage agreements. These parameters are in place to limit the overall risk of the driver claiming on their insurance policy.

    It’s a good idea to make sure you understand the terms of your insurance as any breaches of limited mileage or storage agreement may result in a fee.

    Exact classic car insurance prices are hard to define as many factors like the aforementioned, will play a part. The vehicle itself as well as your individual circumstances, such as your age, will also build an insurance profile risk that insurers will use to quote on.

  • What type of classic car insurance is there?

    Similar to regular car insurance, there are varying types of classic car insurance available.

    Laid Up
    If your classic car is off the road and SORN, you may qualify for laid up cover. There will be factors that affect laid up insurance so it’s a good idea to check that the elements in your cover are fit for the purpose you require. Cover may include accidental damage to the vehicle, damage to the vehicle by fire, theft of the vehicle and attempted theft damage.

    Third Party
    Motor vehicle insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and third party cover is the minimum level in order to drive on the road. Even if you were only partially to blame for an accident, under third party cover, the insurer will pay for damages to the other person’s vehicle, car or property as well as any injury. Third party insurance however, provides no protection for any damage to yourself or your vehicle.

    Third Party Fire and Theft
    A Fire and Theft addition will also cover you in the event of your classic car being stolen or damaged by a fire.

    A comprehensive classic car insurance policy will offer cover of damage to or loss of your classic car. Although typically more expensive, it does offer you the most protection in the event of a claim and is the most common form of classic car insurance.
  • What does ‘agreed value’ mean?

    As an owner of a classic car, you can agree a valuation with the insurer for your vehicle, subject to terms and conditions and the insurance provider.

    An agreed value would compensate you to the full value of the vehicle not just the market value of your car, should your classic car be subject to an accident or theft or where the vehicle is beyond repair.
  • Can I use my classic car for weddings?

    Weddings and events aren’t unusual for classic cars. Chauffeured weddings or special event assistance is something that you can and should be insured for. Specialist providers will cater for your individual requirements and can add a wedding extension to your policy.
  • What other extensions are available?

    Like regular car insurance, classic car cover can be enhanced with various additional options. For example, breakdown recovery, key cover and personal accident. You can even arrange classic track day cover for your car should you wish.

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